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Panorama Mix
gazes diverse

International Art Exhibition
Latin America and Europe in a new meeting 

Call for Exposition

ArtGestión Lab+ invites artists and creators to participate in the Exposition Panorama Mix-Ganzes diverse, which will be held in the month of November 2012 at the seat of Amics de la  UNESCO in Barcelona.

Project description:

International Contemporary Art Exposition which aims highlight the vanguard of a group of artists from different cultures being approximated through Art. By bringing together their works create a new panoramic view of the emerging and recognized Current Art, creating an artistic and cultural integration necessary to further promote diversity.

It aims to present bring the Latin American Art to Europe and join the Spanish Art in the city of Barcelona, Condal city being known for its  multiculturality, become the meeting point of these expressions projecting internationally.

1. Theme: Free

2. Techniques: Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Mixed Media and Video Art.
For Photography and Printmaking works must be properly framed. The paintings can be alone with frame or battens.

3. Size: Maximum 100 cm. high and 80cm. wide.

4. Data Presentation and exhibition proposal:
-Each artist can introduce ourselves up to three proposals will be evaluated by curating and only select only one work.

                    Artist info:
                 * Stage name:
                 * Website, Blog, Facebook or other: * Get the reference of your work:
                 * Address of residence:
                 * Contact phone:
                 * Email:
                   This e-mail we send you will contact and event information

        -Digital images of works in. JPG to 1024 x 768 pixels.
         The digital file title should match the title of the work + author
         ejm: elolvido.anapastor.jpg
                and send it to:

         -Technical information of each of the proposals submitted to these data:
              * Title of work.
              * Year of realization.
              * Technical (for mixed media, describe materials).
              * Measures in cm (height, width and thickness).
              * Duration (if video works).
              * Weight (in kg).

5. Shipping options:
-The transport of the works is the responsibility of each artist.
-Each work must be sent packing material reusable.
-The artists who want their work to be returned by mail to Spain, you will receive information about these costs, which would add only the cost of transport from the gallery to the post office (10.00 euros). This amount must be paid along with the participation fee.

6. Participation fee: 50 Euros
The participation fee covers: reception of the work, unloading, sorting, editing, promotion and publicity of the event in the media and social networks, participation certificate, printed poster and invitation of the exhibition, and documentation CD with photos of the event, disassembly and packaging work to return, Blog, Signage, vernissage.
* Percentage in case of sale 25% to  ArtGestión Lab+

7. Deadline for proposals: 10 to 23 September 2012.

8. Number of vacancies: 18 (will respect the order of arrival of the receipt of proposals)

9. Once the curation and selection of artists will send information to the deposit of the share.

10. The selected works must be sent between 11 and 25 October 2012 to:

Amics de la UNESCO de Barcelona
Carrer Mallorca, 207 – Pral, 08036
Barcelona, España
Phone :  +34 93 452 05 52

11. The inauguration will take place in the first week of November.

12. The return of the works will be done in the month of December after exposure.

13. The insurance and the transfer of work is done by the artist. Participants are advised to works properly packaged and reusable material for proper return.

14. The works will be received and properly guarded headquarters of Unesco, however we are not responsible for theft or damage that may occur.

Sending the application form by the participant automatically assumes acceptance of each and every one of the clauses of this call, after failing to claim ignorance or disagreement.
Any additional or subject matter that is not covered by this call will be resolved by Art Gestión Lab+